Hello all,

This is a brief piece of "fan mail" for a program I viewed down here in Cambridge, MA over the weekend.  I guess it was cablecast through the local Cambridge Community Television (CCTV) which carries FSTV tapes on the weekends.  I saw the program and went to your website and found the key information to contact you.  If there are people I have left out -- those on the LNTV production team, for example, -- I would be grateful if you can pass along this note to them.

The program in question is "Episode 50" of LibertyNewsTV.Com on the Military and the Environment.  I should explain, I teach several courses on the environment dealing with environmental ethics, climate change, and environmental justice.  I use stories and films like your documentary on a regular basis with my students to try to encourage them and give them good examples of the kind of research that can be undertaken with great public impact on these important topics. 

Because of your excellent work in producing Episode 50 I have recommended it highly to my students.  In fact, I have included it in a listed series of film and documentaries that I expect them to view attentively by the end of the Semester.  Further, I have integrated it into the work on environmental ethics for their consideration specifically in the environmental ethics course.

I am particularly grateful for the manner in which you (maybe this was Ray Tiley's doing, I don't know), made it pretty clear how we could access the key .MP4 files.  This is crucial for my students and for me, first, in allowing me to integrate your fine work into the course materials and second, from their point of view, to get direct access to the program material to take notes on it in their electronic note-taking systems. 

In any case, whoever was responsible for this all coming together in such a publicly accessible and useful manner, I would really like to thank a great deal. 

Down here in Cambridge we come across stories and issues that may be of interest to you in Maine from time to time. I run a program a few times a month out of the Cambridge Community Television on environmental matters, and I hope to take some time in future programs to refer to your fine work....

On another note, I occasionally have students from Maine who do fine work here at Harvard. They distinguish themselves both in the classes they take and the other on-campus issues they become involved in.  I think there  would be enormous potential for you at CTN5 to interview some of these Maine students and see what they are up to from time to time.  If you have any interest in this, let me know and I will forward some info on them that you could use to get in touch with them, if you want. 

In any case,  thanks again for such fine, compelling and useful work.

Cordially yours,

WW (name deleted to protect anonymity



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