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  • Chelmsford School for Butlers

    Out of work? No worries. The rich are looking for a new generation of well trained, obedient butlers. Can you survive the rigorous training?

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  • Meet the Peasants

    This typical middle class American couple has given up on the American dream. Instead, they're working the estate of one of the new "lords" of the empire.

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  • Flatworld: The George Bush Presidential Library

    Take an exciting ride through the multimillion dollar theme park planned as a last tribute to one of America's most memorable presidents.

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We The Sheeple

Renowned artist Robert Shetterly wrote this cultural rant specifically for Liberty News TV.

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Pax Americana

Imagine what might have happened if Bush-Cheney had attempted a coup. Would they have ushered in a progressive revolution? This "futurementary" explores the possibilities.

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G.W. Bush, War Criminal, Moves On

Ever wonder what G.W. Bush is doing now. Don't worry, he's kicking back in his multi-million dollar mansion in Texas, with no regrets.

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