I don't even have TV service in my home, but I was at my father's house today and flipping around channels, getting a feel for the modern mainstream pulse, hating most of what I saw, when I came to good ol Democracy Now on public access. Hooray! Then your show was on after, and it, seriously, made me cry. Never even heard of this show before. It was really touching, and it seemed so sincere. The segment with the disabled ballet and then your final words at the end of the program just hit me right in my core.


    Anyway, I catch up with things a lot on YouTube, and I wanted to see if you guys were on there and couldn't find you at all. I wondered if there was any particular reason. I like keeping up with The Daily Show, Democracy Now, Air America, as well as an independent anarcho-news show called It's the End of the World as We Know It And I Feel Fine (it's a mouthful). And I can find most of them on YouTube. I especially thought of the last one because he also does it for no profit and very low-budget, so I thought I would link you and hopefully it would give you guys ideas to keep fighting the good fight.



    Good luck on future endeavors. Excelsior!

    -Joshua B.


    OCTOBER 2009
    Please make arrangements to share with the world the beautiful ballet shown at the end of your last broadcast. Give it to the USO, VA hospitals, Special Olympics, whatever. But share it. Sell it, if you have the copyrights. If not, know this: I wrote a message on Ellen Degeneris' Tell Andy message board about the ballet. I hope they view it. Surely they will do something about it.

    I called it a visual meme for hope, beauty, love, and life after a disaster. It should become a classic as much as the Ed Sullivan Show's clip of Swan Lake. Please do not let this dance fade into obscurity. Encourage the owner of the clip to do all possible to get it published. It carries such a beautiful message to us all.


    Do combine the ballet with the girl in the wheelchair that is finger-dancing. This one, too, should be preserved for all posterity. IF you hear from Andy--or Oprah if I can get my wishes posted there--tell them about this one, too.


    Please produce a dvd of the best of your clips. Sell this. Sell two sets: apolitical stuff and political commentary. That will broaden your customer base even if it weakens your overall message.

    You must not let these fade into obscurity.


    Could you not put Google ads on the YouTube page?


    Are there no affiliate programs you could link to your webpage, monetizing it? Will you be able to leave the webpage and its videos of past shows posted for future viewing? If you own the rights to the videos and clips there are places where they can be posted for download and the downloads are sold (free to you, or at least on commission only basis). Or try the free Ning (ning.com) networks that post videos in the networks.


    Are you keeping your stuff on blogs such as blogspot.com or facebook? Can you trim the politically, supercritical stuff that breaks the rules (if it does) and offer it by special request?

    I am so sorry you fell short. And by so little. Are you writing a book about it? You can self-publish it, you know. Sell it on Clickbank or Kindle or just the free blog at blogspot.com; have it printed on demand at cafepress.com. (I am an affiliate marketer and must tell you so by FTC rules.)

    These words (especially the ones about the 2 dances) are spoken from the heart. Let me know if I can volunteer a small bit of time to help with the typing, posting, or whatever. I am not making a lot of money with my marketing, so cannot donate money. I also have my own political views, but I would like to assist in some way to preserve the best of your works.



    NOV. 2008

    II've loved the Lliberty News TV podcasts that I've watched.

    Amazing! I was beginning to feel hopeless about our situation.. you guys give me hope with the conformation that there are other people fighting hard and effectively on these issues. Many hands make light work.


    I'm looking forward to more shows.. great writing, good mix of comedy,
    satire, and irony.

    Someday I hope to get back the positive feeling I once had about the future of this country and world. The guilt I feel about bringing a child into this mess may someday pass. lets work on it!

    Sincerely and best regards,

    Steve in Vermont

    ps. And I love the hair!

    OCT. 2007

    October Episode Outrageously Good!

    Just saw your latest show and we were blown away. Completely took me by surprise…found myself in tears. I thought “this must be how people who grew up in the '60s felt as they saw the world start to change in the '70s”. We made a donation to y’all this year and you can bet we’ll be doing it again this year. Keep up the fabulous work. You know, your show was really good before but this one really takes the cake. We already tivoed the program and we will be airing it for every friend who walks in our door…..


    Robin & Rick



    Dennis Kucinich fans will want to see this one. I'd put it in "political videos", but it looks like it hasn't found its way on to youtube just yet. Just saw it on Liberty News segment on Free Speech TV a short time ago so I think it's pretty new.

    Looks at what America might be 30 years from now after this election. Kind of illustrates what many of us fear here in a pseudo-documentary style not unlike "Death of a President" film did earlier this year.

    I think this link will also work for Macs, as the one I found on Liberty News site didn't...





    JAN. 2007

    Sirs, starting 2 plus years ago I started watching Free 'Speech TV and INN and Liberty News on satellite television. I recently saw the January episode and am seriously considering changing my shopping and eating habits. I am
    ever so thankful to be able to view your type of reality shows. I want the truth. And justice. Keep up the good work.

    Avilla, Indiana


    Thank you so very much for producing the episode, "Farms, Factories and Food." I am going to copy this and distribute to friends and family who cannot conceive of why I do not consume flesh.

    Best Regards,

    P. B.




    I have watched several of your programs and have been very impressed. The two newscasters do a very fine job of giving credibility to the truth as well as being in one case attractive yet dignified and in the other humorous yet respectable (I'll let you decide who is who).

    My brother and I have catalogued many of your episodes in our database/media website. We collect information that the corporate media withholds or lies about. (www.panaceamedia.org

    The part in your last episode regarding our bodies' similarities to herbivores is something I have been telling people for quite some time. I say that our bodies are meant to process a herbivoric diet but can also process meat if it absolutely has to. I myself am not a total vegetarian yet, but I'm getting there. My excuse that I use is once on a crappy TV show, someone said they were vegetarian and when asked her favorite food, she replied "chicken." She went on to say that birds don't count as meat. If it is on TV it must be true! :)

    Panacea Media



    Bless you Liberty News for being the only tv show that openly discusses a top "inconvenient truth" not discussed elsewhere. That is, the cruelty to food animals and the impact of eating meat, etc. As a ethical vegan who did so for the animals, how quickly I realized the positive health, environmental and human evolution of morals/ethics if veg* diet was the norm amonst humans everywhere. You folks rock, I absolutely love Liberty News. You factor animals into the equation as of worth and merit. You bring to light the impact of meat eating and environmental concerns. Thank you.

    S.E., Missoula, MT


    DEC. 2006

    I run the blog/website openyourmindseye.com in order to support the idea of citizen awareness through alternative media. Which is mainly focused on government sponsored terror, 911 truth, and exposing the lies that government spoon feeds people on a daily basis through the mainstream media.

    Anyways enough about me I wanted to contact you guys and show my genuine appreciation and support for what you do. I try to post your episodes every month with a permanent link to the front page of my site. It's so refreshing and heartening to hear your monthly news reports.

    It lets me know that there are real people in this world who, think and who care about the consciousness of the people which is currently being raped throughtelevision advertisement campaigns disinformation in the media etc, and so on and so forth.

    Any ways my main point is you guys are truly inspirational. I don't make any money with what I do, I don't expect any money either, however if I had the means and ways I would support you with a re-occuring monthly donation, however I currently don't have the means and ways so for now please accept some heartfelt lip service. You guys are truly needed, and very much





    NOV. 2007

    For the first time I saw your show on the milwaukee public access channel. It was the stupidest waste of video I ever saw obviously created by a bunch of ignorant dopes. Anyone who watched it is now dumber and more misinformed. Anyone who created that show is a moron.




    • LETTER 1
    • I am writing to express how much I appreciate Liberty News TV. Please continue to keep up the good work. Your broadcasts are so informative compared to the sorry assed corporate media's lies and propaganda. It`s so refreshing to watch a program with news that is actually newsworthy. Liz Chambers is the total package, brains and beauty! I can think of several sorry anchors who could use a lesson from her in how to be a real anchor person. I appreciate you all bringing back much needed integrity to journalism and I will keep watching and send you some money when I can.


    • LETTER 2
    • (Written to Free Speech TV on our behalf--we don't know this thoughtful gentleman!)

    To whom it may concern,

    After watching episode 13 of Liberty News TV on your network, I went to their
    site and will be sending then a donation via USPS.

    As a supporter of your network, I was disappointed to learn that Liberty
    News receives no funding from your organization.

    From their site...

    "At this point, we are entirely self-funded, and provide our program to FSTV
    and others for free..."

    I would like to see the funds I and others who support your network in turn
    help fund this program which you air.

    Won't you please consider supporting Liberty News?



    • LETTER 3
    • Dear Sirs/Madams;

    That Kevan Quinn Privacy report was spot on and EXCELLENT! Great work. Very effective. I just love watching it again and again. As much as I laugh about it, I do so uneasily b/c I know it is not speculation anymore it is happening.

    Keep it up.

    --Dwight in Florida

    Watch that "NOTHING TO HIDE" PRIVACY report HERE--Editor.

    • LETTER 4
    • I'm from Holland, just found out about the Liberty News TV site and i'm amazed. It's great! Very informative, great humour! I'll be back... (This is not a Schwarzenegger thread, believe me)

    Sorry for my poor english, but my English is probably better than your Dutch ;)

    --J. M., Utrecht, Holland

    • LETTER 5
      I was overwhelmed by your news program. I never seen any Progressive program so hard-hitting it makes me thirst for more truth from this god awful tyrant organization. You guys are like Air America on TV. I live in New York and I found out that Manhattan got it and Brooklyn is getting it soon. And this gets my attention to wrote this, I ask you guys please please please PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE air this program in THE BRONX on Bronxnet (www.bronxnet.org) or cunytv ch.75. This is really important for those who never heard of you, and besides there is 1.4 million population here so take advantage on this!

      Thanks for your time and keep spreading the truth. YOU ROCK!!!

      A new viewer,

      --D M, Bronx, NY


    • LETTER 6
    • Liberty News TV is one of the best television news programs I've seen.

    Liz and Kevan are wonderful! It would be great to see them doing the evening news everyday. Wit, intelligence, charm and truth, what a novel combination; compared to self-important corporate blow that is our current mainstream television news.

    Do you have a sponsor at Portland Public Access television (Portland,
    Oregon)? (Yes, we do!--Ed.)

    I will contribute what I can and promote your show as much as I can.

    Please pass my thanks on to all the folks that contribute to the show!

    Best regards and wishes for continued success,
    M.B., Yamhill, Oregon

    • LETTER 7
    • Finally theres a news source that shares my opinion on religion clouding science. I was talking to one of my teachers about that but he's a right-wing Christian and doesn't listen. FOX says the same thing. Thank you for thinking outside the box and putting it out there!

    --L. K.

    Watch that report on the RISE OF THE CHRISTIAN RIGHT HERE--Editor.


    • LETTER 8
    • I saw your program for the first time today on FSTV. I was impressed with the production as well as the content. I am so grateful, someone somewhere, is telling it like it is. This is SO REFRESHING. More people need this information and the sooner the better.

      Please tell me why you are not video podcasting this broadcast on Internet TV stations, as well as through itunes and other RSS fed indymedia news stations?

      I've been running out of patience with our local leaders, warning them the sheep are awake and counting politicians worth keeping. I'm infuriated with the Dems who continue to sign on to the Patriot Act versus stand up and be counted as having any commitment to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. The trouble is, you can't tell who's posing as a Democrat just to win a voice from who reflects our traditonal values before this perpetual war on terror took over. For these reasons, we need the news you're bringing us. Coming on only once a month with nothing to sustain us in between broadcasts leaves me heartsick.

      I hope you'll beging video podcasting soon, so the rest of us can help circulate your program and stimulate more interest in what you're doing. Great job, keep it up and thank you so much!

      G.N., Washington State

    We are indeed working on getting the show set up for video podcasting. We do have an audio RSS link already set up HERE. We're just learning how to do this stuff.--Ed.


    • LETTER 9
    • Your commentary for March (2006) (HERE) was one of the most hopeful things I've seen in a long time. Thank you for the most inspiring message in regards to the veterans running for Congress and the Senate. I've joined peace movements but without leadership such a movement will go nowhere. It is impossible to find (or nearly so) information about those who resist with courage, dignity, and honor elsewhere. My thanks to Liberty News TV for simply existing--we need this news greatly.



    • LETTER 10
    • I love your commentaries! They are so truthful and at the same time informative and also hilarious. Maybe you could do one pertaining to the future third world country that the Republicans are working hard to turn the U.S.A. into or maybe how we have more people in prison than any other free country in the world, Kind of ironic, isn`t it? Another idea might be to target the word "conservative." How are the Republicans conservative? Not fiscally by any means that`s for sure... Just some thoughts from a free thinking non-conforming progressive type of guy. Keep up the good work Kevan, I love what you`re all doing at Liberty News TV.



    • LETTER 11
    • Your March report and especially the segment on what should have been the real Dem response to the State of the Union was so right on the money that it made me cry; with joy that someone finally stated it so well, with anger at those boobs I have been voting for-for too long, and with hope...that all is not lost and we can get this country out of the pockets of corporations. I plan to send it to everyone I know, especially those not in the progressive choir.

    M.K., Stillwater, Oklahoma


    • LETTER 12
    • Hello,

    To make it short: Good job! Carry on!

    Honestly, a friend in a certain web forum (www.exchristian.net) recommended
    your website to me as one source of "the news they don't tell you on the big
    channels". Now I've just checked out your current issue, and as for its

    ...let me just say that close to the end of it, during the statements of the
    US democrat military veterans, I simply had to get up and salute. Yup, I -
    an average German citizen thousands of miles away - saluted your veterans! I
    simply could not sit still one more second - though many people could ask,
    with damn much justification, "Why should you care what happens across the
    Atlantic ocean?!"

    There once was a great country. It had its faults and weaknesses, but that
    goes for everyone, so that's no big deal. The name of this country was
    "United States of America, land of the free, home of the brave." Today, after
    several years of "politicians" who really look every bit like vultures
    feeding off the corpse of their nation, this country is more and more
    deserving of the title "land of the fear, home of the slaves." But with
    enough people like you and the ones you presented in your current issue,
    there is hope for tomorrow - hope that the past you can still be proud of
    will one day become the present again.

    (Rats - it almost makes me wish I'd be a US citizen myself, for no other
    reason than to try and get into politics there myself - and do what obviously
    must be done!)

    Whatever may happen in the future, you all get my "thumbs up." Don't give up!

    T S (Germany)ear Sir,

    LETTER 13
    I enjoy your program very much.It looks like you have a Pro-Veteran agenda. After watching one of your programs and hearing the real truth for a change, Ithought you might like to hear about some of the Discrimination, I have been putting up with in the work place as a Disabled Combat Veteran. I served with the 1st Air Cavalry In South Vietnam from 1971 to 1972 and sustained an injury among other things, that have gotten progressively worse, since I left Vietnam.

    Kindest Regards,


    • LETTER 14
    • As a longtime contributor to public access television, I want to commend you for your most excellent news broadcast. I schedule Liberty News at 6pm here in Gorham and the timing is deliberate - I want citizens to see what news could and should be.

    Thank you for your lively, informative, unconventional program. Liberty News
    represents everything I always hoped a genuine news program could be -
    informative, stimulating, creative and unapologetically progressive.

    Keep up the great work!!!


    P.B., Gorham, Maine

    • LETTER 15 (August 2006)
    • I'm afraid I can't afford to contribute yet, but just wanted you to know that I think you and your group are doing some outstanding broadcast journalism. I was a part-time rewrite-caster in Tokyo for TV-Asahi, NTV & NHK-TV for several years in the '80s. I watch you on DISH satellite's Ch. 9415. Your content is realistic, high integrity, superlative. A tremendous contrast to the corporate media clap-trap. I especially enjoy your commentaries, particularly the humor with which you highlight much of the neo-con ideology. Keep up the good work. Some day I may be able to contribute, but currently all my money is going into Bernie Sander's campaign for the Senate. Warm regards to your crew/group.

      Larry R.
    • LETTER 16 (Sept. 2006)
    • The September show was great I really enjoyed it and the films where you guys showed the trailers. You guys are continuing to do an awesome job. What I still find amazing is that I am coming from an incredibly conservative point-of-view and I completely agree with the majority of your news content. I want to be part of the first Christian News Station ever, which would be serving the same thing as Liberty News in that it would be an independent news source with out politicians in ownership breathing down our necks. I am a Journalist and I strongly believe in the real truth...the truth that no one gets to see.....it is tragic the garbage we are forced to read in the news today.
    • Ryan
    • LETTER 17 (Nov. 2006)
    • I'm sure you get a lot of thanks, but I must extend my personal appreciation for the work that you are doing on your television show. You all do a fantastic job on the reports. They are very informative and intellectually presented pieces of journalism. I am so glad that you post your segments on the internet otherwise I would be at a loss for seeing the show because our public telivision outlet has not yet warmed to the idea of broadcasting Liberty News. The show may be too "liberal" for our market. My wife and I live in Virginia Beach, Va. She too is a devout Liberty News fan. I hate the feeling I get when someone says something is too liberal to be good for our nation and its wellfare. (And yes, I do see Liberty News TV as an integral piece of the American pie.) It gives me some solace to pick up my dictionary and look up the definition of the word only to feel anguish again moments later because someone heard on Fox News last night that "Liberal" is a bad word. Seeing throught the prapaganda of the mainstreem media is a daunting task. Impossible if you don't have an objective voice. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you for a clear world view. Thank you for at least touching the lives of myself and my family.
    • M.N.
    • Virginia Beach, VA



    I've been on a hunt for online news that shows a different perspective then the traditional media. One site that truly stands out is Liberty News TV. They only publish monthly, but every month's episode is well worth watching. The June issue focuses on impeachment, global warming and ends with a great clip of FDR telling democrats to get some spine and stand up against unreasonable war in the middle east, changes to bankruptcy laws that work against the common people and attacks on social security.

    Source: http://unreliableinformation.blogspot.com/


    Whenever I've got a free minute on my trips to California I watch as much Free Speech TV as possible, which is a great news source with a variety of intelligent programs. Liberty News is by far the best thing on there. I've only seen a couple of the monthly episodes they produce, but they're super smart, concise, and 1000 times more honest than any other news source you're likely to encounter. They cull together footage from CNN, FOX, the Daily Show, CSPAN, etc, to get to the heart of what's really going on. Very pointed, and valuable.

    I urge you all to watch episode 17, which deals with the call for Bush's impeachment, and an examination of our eroding personal freedoms. I promise you won't be disappointed with this episode.

    That this non profit is the only news source connecting these dots is scary.

    Also, Liz Chambers is hottt. Scully hottt. A bunch of the episodes are available streaming on their myspace page as well.


    Lifted from www.sparklingseahorse.com



    TOPIC: Free Speech T.V.
    Sometimes when it is really late at night there is very little on television worth watching. On one of those nights, I happened to flip way to the high end of my satellite's channel listing and came across Free Speech T.V.. I was unimpressed at first, since I happened to flip to it when the show on was 5 minutes of a cricket standing on a pocketwatch (no kidding). But I left it on that channel when I turned the T.V. off. The next morning when I flipped the T.V. on, there was a documentary showing called Toxic Sludge is Good for You. Now that was a program.

    If you have ever been in doubt as to whether or not your local news stations are reporting actual news or not, you really should watch that documentary. It goes into a great amount of detail about what isn't actually news, how and why it is on the local news, and who is paying for it. I think everyone knows (even if they hate to admit it) that some of the stories that make it onto the six o'clock news aren't really news, but advertisements. This show details how the ads make it onto the news in the first place. Even if you think that such an idea is a ridiculous lie, you should still watch it, just for the differing view.

    The next show to come on was Liberty News. Liberty News TV is political news with less spin than I have ever seen. While I am pretty sure that it is definitely a product of democrats, I think that is only because there is no news channel in the nation with the balls to show anything even remotely critical of the Bush administration. To those who would disagree with that statement, making the argument that Rove, Delay and Santorum (among others) have taken a beating in the media, I have to point out that they committed jailable offenses and the so-called "liberal media" is calling pursuing charges a witch hunt. Clinton got a little head in the white house and people were calling for his resignation, yet even mentioning the charges against Bush administration officials(I just had to) is considered taboo. I can't say that Liberty News is actually politically left though, since they also took Hillary Clinton to task for her campaign statements not meshing with her voting record. Showing the truth about both sides and letting you form your own opinion? What a novel concept.

    If you have FSTV on your channel line-up, I urge you to flip it on and watch a couple of shows. Much of what is on does look like it was made by college students who were really stoned (a cricket on a stopwatch?), but when it gets to the documentaries and news, you are never going to find an outlet that is as critical of both sides. It certainly is a welcome alternative to the Rush Limbaugh and Larry King crap that fills the airwaves now.

    posted by Donnie (aka Shadowtwin)

    Lifted From: http://shadowtwin.com/



    Here's another interesting blog comment, comparing Liberty News TV with the Daily Show and Democracy Now. CLICK HERE.

    Here's a blog thread of reactions to our commentary piece in August 2006 on global warming. CLICK HERE.

    Here's a blog we caught about Liberty News TV's March 2006 Episode. CLICK HERE.

    Here's another blog about the July 2006 episode from Rhandi Rhodes site--cool stuff: CLICK HERE.

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