Episodes: 42-36, 35-31, 30-26, 25-21, 20-16, 15-11, 10-6, 5-1


Episode 15: April 2006

ECONOMY IN CRISIS. Some of the nation's best economists are finally telling it like it is. The U.S. Economy is teetering on the abyss. We look into the legacy of the Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush free ride for free trade. What do we find? Foreign ownership of critical assets, a devastated manufacturing sector and $804 billion in U.S. dollars at the whim of foreign banks. To make matters worse, personal debt is skyrocketing, and bankruptcy protection has been gutted by the GOP. There's still hope--but time is running out. Kevan Quinn warns that the thought police are watching, so hide your books! DOWNLOAD


Episode 14: March 2006

TWILIGHT IN AMERICA. Many progressives believe that the American empire is entering a period of rapid decline. We look at several key indicators that might signify the imminent collapse of the American way of life, from the widening gap between rich and poor, to our disconnected leadership, to the "dumbing down" of our mass culture. In this show, we draw on the work of Morris Berman, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn and others. We haveincluded clips from The End of Suburbia, Red State Road Trip and many other great sources. You'll also learn how outrage toward the U.S. government is fueling various forms of citizen opposition. Finally, Kevan Quinn cuts loose on the Democrats in Washington--and urges them to show some courage.DOWNLOAD


Episode 13: February 2006

THE CORPORATE CHRIST. The influence of the Christian Right on U.S. politics has gone largely unheralded by the mainstream press. In this, our one-year anniversary show, we delve into what has become a major schism in American ideology: Christ the peacemaker versus Christ the warrior and avenger (what we call the "Corporate Christ.). Instead of turning the other cheek, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and others on the right urge Americans to pick up a gun and go to war. Kevan Quinn shows us why PRIVACY MATTERS to all Americans--including conservatives who think they have "Nothing to Hide." DOWNLOAD


Episode 12: January 2006

TAKING LIBERTIES. This month's episode chronicles the cruelty, corruption and coverups that have become part of the Washington, D.C. political culture of 2006. First, we examine the U.S. attitude toward torture and secret "rendition" of suspects. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice suggests that criminals be apprehended "before they commit a crime;" Attorney General Alberto Gonzales narrowly redefines torture as "severe." Gonzales, we learn is involved in some of the darkest acts of of this administration, cited by President George W. Bush as one of the people who approved wiretapping of U.S. citizens. The program exposes how the "Patriot Act" serves as a stepping stone for domestic spying. Kevan Quinn wraps up by showing us how the "Jedi" mentality can challenge the dominance of corporate media. DOWNLOAD


Episode 11: December 2005

THE GEORGE BUSH PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY. While President Bush is stumbling both domestically and diplomatically, democrats rank even lower on the approval scale. That could change, however, as leading democrats such as John Murtha, an ex-marine, come forward to challenge the status quo. We also look at Donald Rumsfeld's shady dealings, and take a trip to New Orleans to find out how that region will be affected by GOP bickering and budget cutting. Kevan Quinn takes us on a creepy ride through "Flatworld," where superstition and religious fanaticism has replaced science. DOWNLOAD




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