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Episode 20: September 2006

THE U.S. WAR MACHINE. Despite increasing anger and resentmentment resulting from both the invasion of Iraq and support of Israel's slaughter of civilians in Lebanon, the U.S. war machine marches on. U.S. factories are producing the tools of death at a startling pace. Why is it that even with no enemies to threaten U.S. supremacy, extremists in Washington seem intent on perpetual war? Could it be that Americans simply do not connect their role in building, selling and supporting the instruments of death with the horrors being inflicted in the Middle East? We also premiere an original short film titled "We, The Sheeple," about the nation's loss of integrity. DOWNLOAD


Episode 19: August 2006

TORTURE TEAM. Despite a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that the White House violated the Geneva Conventions, the Bush Administration continues to argue for the right to pursue wiretapping, torture, and imprisonment without charge as it sees fit. At the same time, corporate interests in Washington are gutting environmental protections and promoting a misleading vision of "safe, clean" nuclear power as the answer to our energy needs. We also take a trip to New Orleans and visit their refugee population. In the Quinn Report, guest host Daniel Noel delivers a fiery, funny rant on global warming. DOWNLOAD


Episode 18: July 2006

THE GOOD, THE CLEVER, AND THE GUTSY. We attend the Take Back America conference and other events. We came away with a unique perspective on which progressive leaders (and media) are for real, and which ones are part of the problem. From the wisdom and courage of Congressman Bernie Sanders to the misleading rhetoric of Hillary Clinton, the camera doesn't lie. We also have a special Kevan Quinn Report, a parable from deep in the heart of the Old West, where "liberal" is a dirty word. DOWNLOAD


Episode 17: June 2006

CALLS FOR IMPEACHMENT. New evidence shows that the White House played a key role in the Valerie Plame CIA scandal. But breaking the law hasn't slowed the administration's assault on the U.S. Constitution. Their willing co-conspirators, members of the U.S. House and Senate from both parties. For example, 25 Senate Democrats gave a major assist to the executive power grab, confirming Gen. Michael Hayden to head the CIA. But a growing number of patriotic citizens have begun to fight back, demanding accountability. Kevan Quinn pulls no punches in his criticism of "DemoPublicans," and brings in a historic guest (FDR) to make his point DOWNLOAD


Episode 16: May 2006

PEACE IN THE BALANCE. While the idea sounds almost too bizarre to be real, new evidence suggests that the Bush White House has been planning military action in Iran for months. Worse, such action may involve the use of tactical nuclear weapons. Yet the only real opposition is coming from the general public, as Republicans fall in line, and the same cowed Democrats who voted for the first Bush war downplay the risk. Also, we look at the growing gap between rich and poor in America, and Kevan Quinn gives Sinclair Broadcast Group a wake-up call they won't soon forget. DOWNLOAD




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