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Episode 50: July 2012

BOOTS ON THE GROUND. The U.S. military's impact on Earth's environment make it a menace to all life on Earth. Along with its massive fuel consumption, destruction of soils and pollution of fresh water, it has covered much of the Middle East with deadly radiation. Just as Eisenhower warned, the military industry has become a monster of our own making, more likely to bring on a global warming disaster than to protect us from the biggest threats now on the horizon.DOWNLOAD


Episode 49: APRIL 2012

LEARNING TO LIE. Here's something you'll never see on mainstream television: a full half-hour program looking at the hidden costs, risks and perils of the age of Google, Facebook, smart phones and e-readers. We'll look at environmental costs, privacy costs, and peel back the curtain on what companies like Google really want--which is really just more of the same--capitalism, consumerism and American imperialism. We'll also offer tips on how to fight back. DOWNLOAD


Episode 48: January 2012

CHOOSING OUR FUTURE.. What does our future look like? This month we look at some of how different worldviews actually shape reality. Do we want to side with the Dystopians, who see all hell breaking loose? Or join The Future Primitives in their attempt to return to simpler ways. What about the Technotopians? Whose vision is best for all? We'll also revisit Bob and Tina, a pair of formerly middle class PEASANTS in America. DOWNLOAD


Episode 47: December 2011

WORK, NOT JOBS. In this episode we look at changing perceptions of what it means to find meaningful work. All the talk is about the need for "jobs" in the U.S., but is the very concept of a job obsolete? We focus especially on Millennials, who have a different perspective (from older generations) about what they want to do for work. With commentary from Douglas Rushkoff, Darth Vader, Herman Cain, Barack Obama, and a host of others. DOWNLOAD


Episode 46: November 2011

THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN. This month, we look at the Occupy protests happening all over the United States. If you haven't had time to keep up with this history-making movement, the show brings you up to speed. Here, you'll find renewed hope and inspiration, along with a healthy dose of moral outrage. DOWNLOAD


Episode 45: October 2011

AMERIKA: THE KOCH BROTHERS' THEME PARK. In this special travelmentary, Daniel Noel visits "AmeriKa," a Tea Party theme park in Texas, designed and built by the infamous Koch Brothers. But this park is so extremist in its views, so narrow in its definition of "rights," and so expensive (thanks to deregulation), that it's not attracting many visitors. DOWNLOAD


Episode 44: September 2011

BEYOND CAPITALISM Claudia Medina let us show her documentary "Life After Growth, " in this episode. It's about post-capitalism living, including "degrowth," lowering consumption, and transition towns, it's a good primer for people looking for serious change in how we live. DOWNLOAD


Episode 43: August 2011

SUPREME INJUSTICE The U.S. Supreme Court, radically politicized and in some case deeply compromised, is rapidly shredding our most fundamental democratic values. As they endores torture, increase corporate power and police state tactics, they claim to defend the intentions of the founders. DOWNLOAD


Episode 42: July 2011

LICENSE TO KILL? Does the state-sponsored assassination of Osama Bin Laden represent a deeper malaise in the American heart? The answer is no, but our leaders seem to believe they can lead us down the dead end path of violence. This episode's Mock Therapy segment includes our award winning short film, "The Lost Mimes of Borneo." DOWNLOAD


Episode 41: June 2011

NUCLEAR NANNY STATE. As the Fukushima nuclear meltdown in Japan worsens, American politicians continue to forge ahead with plans for building new plants and operating extremely dangerous older ones. Will our children inherit their nuclear folly? Also, Daniel Noel's MOCK THERAPY warns us about how social media may be killing dissent and helping governments spy on activists. DOWNLOAD


Episode 40: October 2009

THE END IS HERE. For the first few months of Barack Obama's first term as President, many progressives believed his administration would usher in a new age of compassionate social policies, justice and diplomacy. But they were dead wrong. What's on the agenda? Expanded U.S. militarism, support for robotic killer drones and violence toward any who protest global capitalism. Still, says Daniel Noel, resistance is not futile. There’s beauty in the world that’s worth fighting for. DOWNLOAD


Episode 39: July 2009

THE HONEYMOON IS OVER. After six months, President Barack Obama has shown us what he's made of, and so far his record is mediocre. Although he has shown leadership on some issues such as cutting funding for wasteful missile defense, most of his progressive policies seem to be made of air. Rhetoric is one thing, but signing off on coal mining, sending more troops to Afghanistan and a continued drift into secrecy are causing some progressives alarm. We offer a report card at the six-month mark, with a reality check of what's really going on in Washington. DOWNLOAD


Episode 38: April 2009

KILL YOUR TV. Ignore the talking heads on television. They don't really want prosperity--not for the middle class. Instead, they hope to steer us back to the days when white men called the shots, and butlers took the orders. We also go after the excessive violence served up by Hollywood producers, call out some military propaganda aimed at kids, and take an inside look at who's REALLY supporting the mean-spirited Republicans who want President Barack Obama to fail. DOWNLOAD


Episode 37: January 2009

REGIME CHANGE. At last, the Bush administration leaves the world stage, slinking away into corporate boardrooms and cigar-smoke filled country clubs. But Barack Obama continues to disappoint progressives, as he chooses one right-wing ideologue after another to advise him. It's too soon to pass judgement, but the new president is moving into dangerously conservative waters on issues of miitarism, finance and economics. DOWNLOAD


Episode 36: October 2008

HOSTILE TAKEOVER! NOTE--This is a one-hour special election edition. A nasty, corporatist corporation has taken over the Liberty News TV studio and thrown Daniel and Lizzie into a back alley? We're guerilla broadcasting, cutting into their programming. This program also featured "Myth Perceptions," our short film that won the "Best Comedy" award in the Phoenix Film Festival. DOWNLOAD