Meet Our Team

We're the Real Thing

Since we started Liberty News TV back in 2006, our bandwidth has been under attack by right-leaning and libertarian organizations. One has even named itself Liberty News TV.


Don't be fooled.


You can spot the fake news sites quickly, by their tedious and mean spirited tone. We are professional journalists, committed to accurately representing the root causes of America's disintegration--Crony capitalism, neoliberalism and consolidation of the media.



Stuff You Want to Know

  • Is this the Liberal Media?

    We believe in letting facts speak for themselves. On LNTV, we tallk about topics ignored by corporate sponsored TV. And we do it within a framework of compassion for those less fortunate, non-violence, equality, and post-capitalism ideology. If that makes us liberal in your mind, so be it. We'll happily wear whatever label you like.

  • Who Watches LNTV?

    We reach 30 million homes via Free Speech TV alone. We're also broadcast on dozens of public access TV channels. We find that we have many rural fans who receive FSTV on channel 9418 on the DISH Network. While we don't know our actual viewership, we know we have fans from Alaska to Hawaii to Maine, young and old.

  • Why Not Just Report News, and Skip the Artsy, Funny Stuff?

    News is primarily for mature viewers. Entertainment is perhaps the only way to reach young people. (See The Daily Show). Our post-35 progressive friends long ago stopped watching television. but that's not how most of America lives. TV viewership goes up every year--and most videos streamed on PDAs and other devices originate from television. This kind of "re-educational" TV is probably the ONLY media (other than social media) that can challenge mainstream TV's 24-hour barrage of violence, soft porn, consumerism and anti-intellectual messaging.

  • Why Should I Donate Money

    The number of truly independent voices is dwindling. We are one of the last grassroots media efforts on television, showing a better way forward, a vision of localism, permaculture--a world of abundance, not scarcity and fear. We need a little help from our friends. So please share the love!


Looking for some relaxing TV that also teaches you something? Check out our new show, ResilienceTV, and learn the local skills you'll need to survive if Donald Trump sends us whirling into chaos.

Our LNTV Wikipedia Page

Ancient Liberty News TV History

We need to update this page, but you can at least see where we got our start on this Wiki page.


Nautilus: Creativity for Kids Only

Our new drawing show for kids teaches them how to draw cartoons such as Vision Tales, and treat each other with respect, whatever color their skin or ethnic origin.