Liberty News Returns
Episode 51, Spring 2017
Trumplethinskin Lives

He lies, yes, of course he does. We all know that. The angry people who voted for him not only don't care. They love it.


But he's our monster. We ALL unleashed him on the world. We MADE him when we didn't question Obama's drone warfare and executive orders. We CREATED him when we allowed Guantanamo to stay open. We ENABLED him when we accepted Bill Clinton's NAFTA embrace. We EMPOWERED him when we allowed the democratic power brokers to throw Bernie under the bus. Shame on us.


So let's stop whining and take responsibility for a change. Are you ready for Liberty News TV to return to the airways yet?

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Been to a HS Graduation Lately?

The military is indoctrinating young people by way of flowery speeches from new recruits at H.S. graduations, such as the one in Windham, Maine, this Spring. Be heard. Tell your local school officials that messages of peace MUST be given equal time to recruiting for violence.


What Can We Do to Save Earth?

Global Risks of 2012

We must acknowledge the challenges to the revolution that is sweeping the planet and not be naive.

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One of the easiest ways to gain independence and plan for the future is to become a food-producing urban gardener.

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